BOOM has produced 5 short awareness films on COVID-19 appropriate behavior and will also host free online workshops for senior citizen participants to distinguish between news, opinion, propaganda, and analysis.

MUMBAI, IndiaJune 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BOOM Live, India’s first and leading the fact-checking initiative, announced the launch of senior citizen workshops towards COVID-19 awareness and five short informational films that aim to highlight COVID-19 appropriate behavior.

As the world battles the coronavirus pandemic, it is also challenged by an information overload in the digital as well as physical environment, which can cause confusion and mistrust. Senior citizens, due to various technical and awareness constraints, are most vulnerable to this infodemic.

In order to address this information gap, BOOM will partner with senior citizen forums, organizations, and associations across India to host free online workshops titled ‘Information Overload in times of COVID-19′ that are aimed to empower senior citizen participants to distinguish between news, opinion, propaganda, and analysis. BOOM has also launched five short film series that aims to build awareness around COVID-19’s appropriate behavior, especially among senior citizens.

Led by H. R. Venkatesh, Director, Training and Research, BOOM Live, and a team of BOOM fact-checkers, the workshops will explain the concept of misinformation, disinformation, and unverified news, factors responsible for such news, and the nature of information overload. Additionally, participants will learn the different facets of ‘realities’ created by social media and how best can one understand the news landscape.

Senior citizen forums, organizations, and associations across India that wish to host a workshop for their members may reach out to the BOOM team at +917700906111.

For the production and launch of five short film series on COVID-19 appropriate behavior, BOOM has also collaborated with noted actor Aasif Sheikh who serves as the initiative’s ambassador in the films. Sheikh, in his characteristic style, urges the viewer to get vaccinated, continue to wear masks in the correct way, use discretion when reading forwards on social media and maintain self-care habits.

The films can be viewed on as well as BOOM’s social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly challenging for senior citizens, owing to the copious quantities of unverified news generated every day. Therefore, it is important for this audience to know of simple techniques that question the veracity of news which is our aim through the online workshops,” said H. R. Venkatesh of BOOM FactCheck at the launch of the initiative.

Adding to this, Jency Jacob, Managing Editor, BOOM said, “With unverified videos rapidly spreading misinformation around the pandemic, it is important that citizens get a better understanding of COVID-19 appropriate behavior. We thank Aasif Sheikh for helping us to build awareness around very important topics that will enable citizens to make better decisions regarding their health, safety, and well-being.”