Chennai to Madras is a book that blends the city of dreams, iconic monuments, and its emotions to extend the pride when you say Madraskaaran.

Chennai, the city of gold, formerly majestic Madras is the Gateway to South India. The city with its nature always in favor,  intense beauty, and with a historically illustrious heritage, still, less in appreciating the city in totality.  Adding to its treasure, the city with a blend of quintessential, yet liberal people with its culture, heritage, intellectuality, and simplicity defines the city. A unique characteristic of the city.

Chennai always stood up as one for every crisis and eventualities. Its spectacular feats of resilience are a stark reminder of oneness. Though oozing with the richness and character, we are caught amidst the gadgets, hectic life, and survival that have blinded us to claim and enjoy its abundance.

Here is an effort by L. Ramachandran to remind us, the society and the future generation about the abundance within the heritage.

L.Ramachandran is a self-taught Indian photographer and an artist. He has worked for some prestigious magazines, authored a few photography books, and won many international awards for his art and photography. Traveled far and wide in pursuit of exposure, assignments, and experience, his internationally acclaimed work on various artistic concepts are exhibited globally. He has a Guinness World record with his team for the most faces painted in four hours. L. Ramachandran has received an honorary doctorate degree from The International Tamil University USA.

An idea that brew during prolonged isolation, L.Ramachandran realized that to pursue his idea Chennai to Madras, COVID-19 pandemic period is an opportunity to capture the profound liveliness and the history of this city artistically, in the midst of still and emptiness. Emphasis on aesthetics, style, and creativity, he captures the astonishing images that narrate a lot of stories that might never be revealed.

Illustrious Chennai, Proud Madraskaaran

We believe these astonishing images of our city Chennai will grab your attention for its majestic and grandeur. It shares a lot of stories with us, the society, and the generations to come. It will help our younger generation to carry this legacy. It’s an interesting visual treat with historical information for the people who love to delve more about this city.