MUMBAI, IndiaJune 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Marketing is no longer about a product or service being sold. But it is about the story a product or service tells. As new challenges evolve, marketers are working tirelessly to come up with innovative solutions. It is no longer just about reach or sales or numbers, it is so much more.

To acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of marketers across sectors, the Digital Stallions Forum has launched ‘The Great Indian Marketing Awards 2021’.

The Digital Stallions Forum has been engaging with the creme de la crème across the marketing and digital marketing space in India since 2012.

With over 75 categories of awards; 38 categories of campaign awards, 26 categories of organization awards & 10 categories of individual awards, The Great Indian Marketing Awards 2021 are looking to recognize and honor the performers as well as performance through this initiative, an initiative that rightfully states that they are here to award the rarest of rare. The award entries are now open and entries can be submitted till 15 July 2021.

The esteemed jury for The Great Indian Marketing Awards 2021 includes head honchos across marketing & digital marketing professionals from top brands and they shall be judging entries across the 75+ award categories including The Great Indian Digital Marketer of the Year, The Great Indian Social Media Campaign of the Year, The Great Indian Search Engine Marketing agency of the Year, to name a few.

Torchbearer for the initiative and founder of the Digital Stallions Forum, Paurush Sonkar, in a statement to the media, said, “In the marketing / digital marketing vertical the competition has always been challenging, we want to create a platform where all of us from this field can stand back and truly appreciate each other’s efforts – across the spectrum. I am proud to be associated with The Great Indian Marketing Awards 2021 and look forward to seeing the best work from the brightest minds in marketing & digital marketing.”