“Americanos” showcases Latinx culture in the United States via a five-part original series premieringMay 14, 2020

Brand USA’s entertainment network, GoUSA TV, launches its ground-breaking new show, “Americanos,” developed and produced by LA REYNA. LA REYNA is the full-service creative agency born out of a collaboration with Vice’s Virtue and award-winning director Robert Rodriguez (“Sin City,” From Dusk till Dawn,” and “El Mariachi”) El Rey Network. The five-part series chronicles the rich and varied history and experiences of diverse Latinx communities across Austin, Texas; Los Angeles, California; Queens, New York; Tucson, Arizona; and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“Americanos,” introduces viewers to the cities, neighborhoods, and people behind the vibrant Latinx subcultures that make these towns one of a kind places to explore. The series showcases the intricacies of these destinations through the storytelling of influential Latinx personalities such as artists, chefs, musicians, athletes, and creators.

“‘Americanos’ marks a fresh take on destination travel content by celebrating the Latinx communities that define the culture of their cities. We want to give our viewers and potential travelers cultural insight from the many voices of people in America and bring new and exciting cinematic content to the travel marketplace,” said Christopher L. Thompson, president, and chief executive officer of Brand USA.

The series is authentically brought to life by a Latinx crew and creatives which include Emmy-nominated producer and Cannes Lion-winning director, Daniel Ramirez, and Mariana Blanco. Later this year, “Americanos” will be combined into a feature set to appear on Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network.

“We are proud of bringing to life a series for Brand USA that redefines destination travel content through a storytelling lens. ‘Americanos’ speaks to the diversity of experience in our country, celebrates Latinx contributions to culture, and welcomes viewers to see the world through their eyes,” said Omar Quiñones, managing director of LA REYNA.

About the “Americanos” Episodes

Episode 1: Austin, Texas

From the Wild West to a creative tech boomtown, Austin, Texas has kept its pioneer spirit alive, and it has done so against the backdrop of strong Latinx roots. In this episode, viewers explore the world of Tejanos, from Selena fandom and vaqueros (the original cowboys of Texas) to taco joints, barbeque, and the legendary independent film and music scene that spawned Austin City Limits and SXSW.

Episode 2: Los Angeles, California

From Compton to Highland Park, this episode traverses Los Angeles to meet three Americanos who are carving out a place for themselves within film, food, and beauty. Distinctly drawing on their diverse backgrounds and deeply influenced by the city they live in, audiences get a better sense of how Latinx culture has permeated the streets, runway, and silver screen.

Episode 3: Queens, New York

Queens is a world-renowned historic borough built by immigrants. This melting pot of cultures combines hard to find regional foods into a buzzing food scene. This episode explores the borough through nostalgic, genre-blending, and DIY music that presents a New York perspective on Latinx culture.

Episode 4: Tucson, Arizona

Surrounded by four different mountain ranges, the culture of Tucson is deeply influenced by Mexican roots and the Sonoran Desert landscape. From food cooked over native mesquite tree wood to dances that tell the stories of ancestors who once occupied the Sonoran mountains; get a glimpse at how Tucsonans are thriving out in the desert.

Episode 5: Santa Fe, New Mexico

The downtown square of Santa Fe was one of the first hubs of commerce for indigenous tribes before the Spanish set foot in the early Americas. The history of Santa Fe has created a beautiful melding of cultures, perspectives, and experiences. In this episode, viewers meet Americanos who have been drawn to Santa Fe – termed the “Paris” of the Southwest due to the Pueblo-style architecture, food, and music.

All five episodes will premiere on May 14, 2020, on GoUSA TV and will be available in English with Spanish subtitles at a later date.