Chennai, 27 July, 2022: The relatability of a brand’s messaging is essential for successful brand communication. This factor of relatability plays an extremely important role in engaging audiences as it helps them better understand the brands they interact with and the mission it propagates. What better way to create relatable brand messaging than by leveraging a trending dialogue from a highly iconic movie while incorporating it with a struggle almost everyone can relate to? With this goal in mind, Josh – India’s fastest growing and most engaged short-video app collaborated with TVS Motors, one of the largest two-wheeler companies in the world, to promote its StaR City + Motorcycle.

With an aim of highlighting the best-in-class mileage that the StaR City + Motorcycle provides, Josh collaborated with TVS to launch the creator-led #StaRWaaliBaat campaign. The campaign was crafted by blending the sentiment created by the rising petrol prices with the trending “Violence, Violence, Violence” dialogue from the iconic KGF Chapter 2, Josh had concocted the perfect recipe for engaging consumers with highly responsive content.

Primarily targeted toward the Hindi-speaking and South Indian audience, the incorporation of dialogues from KGF Chapter 2 provided a high factor of engagement as it resonated well with the audience in that market generating over 3.2K UGC videos which received a total of 140 million views and 11 million hearts in a short span of time. Kickstarted by leading influencers on Josh, the campaign catchphrase, “Petrol price, petrol price, petrol price. I don’t like it. I can’t avoid. But with my new StaR City +, I can avoid,” was supplemented by a catchy soundboard and a dynamic filter to create an impactful brand presence for TVS on the Josh app.

“Brands see Josh as a compelling platform to reach and engage with a broader audience because of our deep understanding of Bharat and its multiple contexts. TVS has recognized the power of short-format videos and how it allows them to connect with audiences in effective and innovative formats. Our unique ad solutions help brands drive user engagement and business impact. The TVS #StaRWaaliBaat campaign is a great example of how brands can use our platform to build awareness and achieve desirable results,” said Sunder Venketraman, Head of Content and Creator Ecosystem, Josh.

“Internal customer studies conducted by TVS have found that the short-video format has become an increasingly preferred approach for brands to engage with their consumers.  As we strived to leverage this lucrative format to bring our campaign alive, partnering with Josh has been an extremely rewarding experience. Like TVS, Josh also has a deep understanding of the Indian context and by leveraging our combined understanding of India we have been able to successfully execute a campaign that has capitulated results that are nothing short of excellence,” said Aniruddha Haldar, Senior VP – Marketing, TVS Motor Company Limited.

Like TVS, many other brands are coming to the realization that short-video content is an increasingly viable medium through which brands can effectively communicate with consumers while also actively collaborating with their audiences to drive their larger messaging. Driving deep, tangible and meaningful impact, short-video content is poised to be the future of content.

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