Enjoy a walking tour experience at Singapore’s Little India during the month of Festival of Lights or Diwali.

Ever heard of Singapore’s Little India? Could ever be imagined traveling to another country and finding your own traditions and cultural place being part of it? This is something more exuberant and vibrant enough to bring you more alive in the place. You could never describe it in words as the place itself provides great enthusiasm with its colorful buildings, restaurants, food court, markets, fashionable products, and other huge departments. You would never make you feel like you are actually overseas but it soothes your soul with the ambiance of your hometown. The famously known Tekka Centre is a traditional wet market and food court at Little India which offers you the maximum of it. Howbeit, you still could never believe you are actually shopping in Singapore.

Clandestinely placed in the heart of the country, Little India welcomes most of the tourists from all over the world. It could be a “walking tour” in Singapore which portrays every Indian thing like foods, jewels, and clothes. Be it Banana Leaf Apolo or Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant, it could serve the real taste of Indian dishes. So, if you worry about the availability of Indian dishes in Singapore, then you are wrong as the country serves a wide variety of Indian foods. Well, there is this separate Indian place amidst the tradition and culture of Singapore. You could never go with an empty hand while you return home from this Little India Arcade of Singapore.

Singapore’s most vibrant district would never cease to attract people as it is the blend of devotional experiences, food and fashion experiences, and traditional music from Indian instruments.  You might even be amazed to witness the garland weaving flower shops spreading the real Indian essence. Even though there are various things to experience on your walk tour at Little India, there are some main places that provide India’s signature things which should never be missed. Check out some of the major places to visit in Little India!

Sri Veermakaliamman Temple: The colors and details of the temple’s Gopuram which would provide the devotional atmosphere and spiritual awakening. The temple comes alive with the traditional music and sounds of Indian instruments. Being the oldest Hindu temple, it was built by early Indian immigrants and settlers in 19th century Singapore. It was then known to be Soonambu Kambam Kovil which is the Tamil name for ‘Temple at the lime village.’ It was escaped from the air raids of World War II and later, the temple has been renovated and brought alive.

Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple: This Hindu temple was built in the late 1800s which has been dedicated to Lord Vishnu, otherwise known as Sri Srinivasa Perumal. Earlier, the temple was known to be Narasinga Perumal Kovil and it has been incorporated with a five-tiered gopuram that is wrapped with the avatars of Vishnu and other Hindu deities as well. It is known to be the starting pointing for the Kavadi carriers during the annual Thaipusam celebrations. Thus, the temple adds beauty to Little India.

Mustafa Centre: Opened for 24 hours, Mustafa Centre has been stored with products and items to purchase. It serves as a shopping mall at cheaper prices. It was started as a garment shop in 1971 but now it has been providing visa services, travel agencies, jewelry, catering, and even hotels as well. So, this has been the treasure of Little India and is crowded with people most of the time.

Tekka Centre: The name Tekka is actually derived from Teh Kia Kah or Tek Kah which is a Hokkien name that means “foot of the bamboos”. It refers to the bamboo plants that have been growing along Rochor Canal. Aforementioned, Tekka Centre offers varieties of dishes and Indian foods at a low price. Historically famed wet market, Tekka Centre is known for its fresh preparation and store-house of household goods, religious paraphernalia, and tailoring services too.

Little India Arcade: This is nothing but a collection of shops which is dated back to the 1920s. Like other centers, Little India Arcade sells all types of sundry and novelties along with street food stalls and other eatables. Being the tourists’ favorite spot, it attracts people with its flabbergasting floral garlands or textiles or desired love for a traditional henna tattoo. Also, the building has never been failed to exhibit its early colonial period. So, the best time to visit the place during the Hindu festival called “Diwali” which occurs either in October or November.