Our body needs fuel to run, walk, for household chores, or any other work. The vegetables are the only means to kindle our organs and make them work properly. We can’t imagine a life without vegetables The necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed for our body is present in vegetables. To lead a healthy life includes vegetables every day in your diet. Here are some foods specified in this article that can be consumed daily.

Spinach – Spinach has a lot of health benefits and is a protective food. It is loaded with iron, vitamin K, A, and a powerful antioxidant. Spinach is recommended for any age group for its excellence in nutrition. It has the ability to reduce many chronic diseases. The anti-inflammatory property of spinach can be incorporated into your daily routine to fight against free radicals.

Carrots – Carrot is highly recommended for infants to have better vision. It contains vitamin A that improves your eyesight. The vegetable is loved by everyone for its crunchy and little sweet taste. The antioxidant, beta carotene kills the cancer cells.

Broccoli – It looks similar to cauliflower. The vegetable contains manganese, potassium. folate vitamins K and C.To reduce the risk of cancer then broccoli can do a better job than any other veggie.

Sweet Potatoes – They are rich in Vitamin A similar to a carrot. The starchy sweet potatoes work well to promote eye health and fight against cancer cells. They are high in fiber that helps in the digestion process.

Mushroom – The umbrella-shaped vegetable is rich in fiber and protein. It prevents heart diseases and cancer as it is high in antioxidant property which helps to fight free radicals.

Beetroot – The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the vegetable helps in reducing oxidative stress and blood pressure. It is good for the heart and resolves the nervous problems.

Bell peppers – They are rich in beta carotene, vitamin B-6, and vitamin C. The antioxidant property in this vegetable improves eyesight and prevents heart diseases.

Onions – The sulfur compounds, manganese and vitamin C in onion eliminates prostate and stomach cancer. Onions can improve blood circulation in your body.

Garlic – Garlic adds a lot of nutritional value to your body. It contains amino acids and sulfur compounds which is good to regulate heart health and blood sugar.

Tomatoes – It contains a high amount of vitamin C, beta carotene, and potassium that reduces the risk of stomach and prostate cancer. It takes good care of your skin giving wrinkle-free and reducing dark spots.