As we are in the last month of 2020, we might have all set to enter the fast approaching new year or 2021. When it comes to New Year, you might have some new year resolutions obviously. Whether you are going to follow it or not, it is just the second thing but the first thing is that you would have thought of usual resolutions like eating healthier or hitting the gym or sleep more or work hard. However, you have to set something which would really work for this year and it should benefit your entire life. So, here are some awesome resolution ideas that could be incorporated into your life to get better.

RECONSIDER ABOUT PROFESSIONAL GOALS: When you have great professional works to get success in your life, you have to work towards it accordingly. So, you have to rethink your goals and how to achieve them slowly and steadily. Make use of each day in the upcoming year and work for it every day. And if you wish to move for a new career, you have to gain some knowledge about it and must learn what could help you to be successful in this field.

TRY TO BE KIND TO OTHERS AND TOWARDS YOURSELF: A simple act of kindness would do much for you and others as well. When you make others happy, it would make you feel better and happy as well. You could help old people or visually challenged ones to cross the road or help some little puppies wandering homeless during rainy days as it could make your soul happy. However, you should also be kind towards yourself and avoid treating yourself badly or too hard.

GET OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE: Try visiting new places which would help you learn new things and make your soul healthy and happy as well. Getting out of your comfort zone would help you feel amazing and help facing hurdles on the path of your life.

REDUCE YOUR TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: While social media is an unavoidable one, you should never make it the first thing to do when you wake up in the morning. You should just have to stop scrolling Instagram or Facebook feeds while you are walking or at once you woke up. Spend more time with people around you and laugh with them as it would help you feel better slowly.

STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT OTHERS MIGHT THINK OR SAY: Stop checking the views of your Insta post or WhatsApp status and even stop worrying about what others would think about you or the way you dress. You post it because you liked it and never give a damn response to others or worry about their thoughts on you. They are unworthy stuff for your life.

PEN DOWN THINGS YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR: You should practice writing things you are grateful for either at end of the night with full gratitude or the first thing in the morning. It would help you feel better and amazing.

TRAVEL TO PLACES WITHOUT POSTING IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Try to say no to status, updates, or photos and just go on some amazing vacations without informing anyone. Although it seems silly, doing this could be a challenge as you would suppress the tempting feel of posting it on social media.

START GROWING A PLANT: When you start growing up a plant and watering it every day, it could help lower stress and enhances positivity. It would also improve your productivity.

START COOKING FOOD AT HOME: Cooking is highly therapeutic and makes you feel relaxed. It would also be helpful in eating delicious foods and makes you healthy.

LEAVE THE GRUDGES BEHIND: Let go of your grudges or anger behind and start New Year with much kindness and love. Above all, practice forgiveness in your life and see the changes.