We experience pain in every part of our body due to muscle strains, lack of nutrition, Nerve weakness, or due injuries. There are raising complaints about neck pains, the reason could be long hours over phones or computers and wrong sleeping posture. Turning your head would seem to be more difficult and painful. Without any helping hand, this neck pain can be treated with simple techniques. A good massage can free you from recurring pain. Here are some massage tips for neck pain relief.

Neck muscle Massage -Place your hands on the neck muscle located behind your ears. Turn your head right and left with pressure on your neck muscles. Also, massage neck muscles in circular movements with your fingers to release tension and increase blood flow.

Press Side Muscles  -When you press or squeeze your side muscles, it gives great relief from the neck pain. Be in a sitting posture with your back straight and keep your palms on the sides of your neck. Bring your head back a bit and gently drop towards the left. Similarly, do it on the right side. By repeating this process can squeeze neck side muscles gently on both sides and releases the neck pain quickly

Towel Massage  РTowel massage can relieve you from neck pain. It can release the tight muscles of your neck and enables the movement of the neck from right to left and vice versa. Use a soft towel and put bearable pressure on your neck. Cover the forehead holding towel with your left hand and pull the towel with your right hand around the neck. This can free the pain so easily.