• Snooze within seconds with scientific tricks!
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Somnolence is what makes you feel refreshing the very next day. It is when your body took the full rest, your body would be active enough. Some might spend time falling asleep whereas some might fall asleep as fast as they could. However, some people would sleep the very moment they close their eyes. Meanwhile, the act of trying hard to sleep could lead to anxiousness or nerve-wracking energy which makes your mind awake all night. When your mind is awake, your body could be restless though. Do not worry about being a night owl trying hard to fall asleep. However, here are a few scientific steps to fall asleep faster which would be easy as well.

TO SLEEP IN 10 SECONDS: Sleeping within 10 seconds would be an amazing thing and a boon totally. Here is one simple scientific trick to follow which might even take up to 120 seconds but you would sleep within 10 seconds. It might even work for people who sleep sitting up all day. Here is the MILITARY METHOD for you to follow –  All you have to do is to relax your face including all your muscles, lose your shoulders to release the tension you are carrying, and let your hands be placed on the side of your body. Now, slowly exhale and relax your chest, relax your legs, things, and calves too. Free your mind and if it fails, just say “don’t think” over for 10 seconds. You would never know when you fall asleep the last night, the very next day. It just takes 10 seconds for you to sleep.

TO SNOOZE WITHIN 60 SECONDS: Here are two methods which completely concentrate on your breath and muscles and it would also help you to shut down your mind and makes you snooze better. The first one is the 4-7-8 breathing method is the combination of visualization. So, you just have to allow your lips to be part slightly and make a sound when you exhale through your mouth. Then close your lips and inhale through your nose silently and count to 4 in your head. And then hold your breath for about 7 seconds and exhale with the sound for 8 seconds. Do not involve much effort and try to practice it mindlessly. Repeat this cycle for four full breaths and allow your body to sleep by welcoming relaxation.

Another method is the PROGRESSIVE MUSCLE RELAXATION: It completely concentrates on the relaxation of the muscles. This would highly helpful for people suffering from insomnia. Here is the relaxation script method where you have to raise your eyebrows as high as you could for 5 seconds and it would tighten up your forehead muscles. Now relax your muscles immediately and feel the burden being dripping down and wait for 10 seconds. To create tension on your cheeks, smile widely, and hold for 5 seconds and relax. Pause 10 seconds and now start tilting your head slightly to the back and so you could now watch the ceiling. Now hold for 5 seconds and relax your neck as it placed back on the pillow. Again pause for 10 seconds and continue to move the rest of your body. You might now fall asleep even you do not rest completely.

TO FALL ASLEEP IN 120 SECONDS: When you tried the previous methods and you did not feel like sleeping, you have to look for other methods to get clear the blockage. Here is one method called paradoxical intention or telling yourself to stay awake. It might help you to snooze faster and works well with insomnia people. Yet another method is “visualize a calm place” where you try imagining things. When you visualize things, it would make it easier for you to sleep. These two steps would help you to sleep within 120 seconds.

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