Most people would have heard about oil pulling even if they do not practice it. Oil pulling is a popular practice that involves the swishing or holding of oils in the mouth for longer time periods as it would produce the necessary health benefits.  Being an ancient folk remedy, it is known to be useful for dental purposes such as strengthening gums, whitening the teeth, and alleviating plaque and useful in other treatments as well. It is highly beneficial in pulling the toxins out of the body and prevents many diseases. You gotta know some of the incredible health benefits of oil pulling.

DESTROYS DANGEROUS BACTERIA IN THE MOUTH: There are several bacteria living in your mouth and they could be harmful to your body. It could even cause tooth decay, bad breath, and gum diseases. But with the help of oil pulling, you could wash out the number of harmful bacteria in the mouth as per the studies. It is said that both mouthwash and coconut oil pulling are known to lower the number of bacteria that are found in the saliva. When you reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth, it could be helpful in maintaining oral hygiene.

HELPS IN LOWERING INFLAMMATION AND ENHANCES GUM HEALTH: The gum disease which indicates by reddening swollen gums, is known to be Gingivitis. It would easily lead to bleeding and inflammation in the gums. However, you have a solution to this issue by doing oil pulling as it is highly effective in enhancing gum health and lowering inflammation.

DECREASES THE BAD BREATH: Did you know oil pulling helps in reducing bad breath? Yes, it must be the result of infection, gum disease, poor oral hygiene, and tongue coating and gets into the tongue. You could remove it by mouthwash or brushing and oil pulling is also be used as a natural alternative to washing out the bad breath.

HELPS IN AVERTING CAVITIES: This is one of the most common issues faced by many persons. Cavities are nothing but that the stems from tooth get decay. There are several reasons for the cause of cavities such as poor oral hygiene, consuming excessive sugar, and a building up of bacteria. Even plaque could cause cavities as it forms a coating on teeth that is loaded with bacteria, saliva, and food particles. It is the presence of bacteria that would start to break down the food particles, thereby forming an acid that destroys tooth enamel and paves the way to tooth decay. However, oil pulling could be helpful in lowering the number of bacteria in the month which would avert tooth decay as per the studies.

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