At times, you would have wolfed down a large portion of food while you are drunk. Remember the scene? You might certainly have hankerings for unhealthy or unwanted foods. Even if consuming foods is good during boozing as it would help your body to process the alcohol a little slower, some types of foods would upset you. So, how to avoid those troubling foods when you are drunk? Well, the foods you actually crave would definitely come under the following list, and make note of it to avoid it next time while you are boozing. Continue to read to avoid getting upset the next time!

PIZZA: Oops! You should avoid your delicious slices of pizza but it’s all good for your body. Even if pizza seems to be the perfect option, it has been infused with blobs of tangy tomato sauce which would trigger heartburn and acid reflux. Although you enjoy its satiating both your taste buds and tummy, it would later activate its mischievous act of forming acidity and interrupt your sleep. But if you wish to have pizza and could not stop yourself from craving for it, then you could choose white pizza which has no tomato sauce but with fresh mozzarella and other toppings which would be good to go while you are drunk.

CHOCOLATES AND PASTERIES: Are there any haters for cake and chocolates? Well, Most people would love to have a small bite of cake or to have a chocolate bar. While consuming a piece of cake or a bite from a chocolate bar is good, having more than a moderate amount would be a problem. You would begin craving for it and you would end up binging it. The excessive consumption of sweets and pastries is not a better thing. It would just collapse your day and so you have to restrict the intake of pastries and chocolates.

CHIPS AND FRIED FOODS: Of course, chips and fried items would be the best combination while you are drunk. Sadly, both chips and fries are high in salt which would make you feel thirsty. When you feel thirsty, you would grab your drink instead of grabbing a glass of water. This is why you have to say no to your all-time favorite snack. Since these foods are also oily, they would make you feel nauseating as well. This dehydrating combination of salt and alcohol would make you struggle with cramps the next day. It would even create a blotted feel and so it is best to avoid these chips and fried items.

SPICY CHICKEN WINGS: These spicy chicken wings are unavoidable ones. This yummy delight means life to many out there. However, it would leave it upset as it would trouble your stomach later if you are going to have it while you are drunk. So, it is highly advisable to avoid not just spicy chicken wings but any spicy foods to make your tummy happy.

COFFEE: Most of you might think that a cup of coffee would help you while you are drunk. But it would never do any good through the night instead it would dehydrate you even more. So, avoid this idea of sipping a cup of coffee when you are drunk.

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