One has to have a strong immunity to fight against diseases. The immune system tries to work against the foreign bodies entering our system or curb their effects. So there comes the necessity to build our immune system with a proper nutrition supply. Most fruits and vegetables contain minerals that protect us from infections and other toxins. It is advisable to have all varieties of fruits and vegetables at different seasons to have an equal supply of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin D – The best source of Vitamin D is from the sun in the natural form. This is essential for bone development, absorption of calcium, relieve inflammation, and proper immune functioning. Excess Vitamin D leads to kidney stones and heart diseases. Foods rich in vitamin D are all dairy products, fish, eggs, mushrooms, orange juice, and cereals. The deficiency of this vitamin causes cancer, poor hair growth, rickets, and fractures.

Vitamin C – This vitamin plays a key role in building our immune system. Lack of Vitamin C can attract many diseases as the body loses the power to fight against the toxins. Eat broccoli, lemon, oranges, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes to build your immune system. Low vitamin C causes joint pains, nose, and gum bleeding, dry skin.

Iron – Iron found in red blood cells carries oxygen to all parts of the body. Lack of hemoglobin makes us feel tired, anemic and leads to breathing problems. Iron-rich foods are spinach, apples, figs, raisins, peaches, and pears. Nonvegetarian foods like chicken, seafood, turkey contain more iron but cereals, beans, broccoli can compensate for the equal amount of iron.

Folate – Folate is a natural form of Vitamin B found mainly in dark green leafy vegetables, peas beans, and nuts. High folate foods can prevent heart diseases, neural tube defects, anemia in adults, proper fetal development. Mangoes, spinach, broccoli, mangoes, sweet corn, oranges, and whole wheat bread can also be taken to avoid Vitamin B pills.

Vitamin E – Nuts, Seeds, Green leafy vegetables, Vegetable oils are the foods where Vitamin E found in abundance. It has antioxidants to fight against infections. Nerve damage, muscle weakness, loss of feeling in the arms and legs, vision problems are the sign of deficiency.

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