Are you giving enough time to your feet? Believe it or not, your feet need your love too. While pampering your skin, hair, body, and nails, your feet deserve the most as they go through a lot.


After all, your feet have been storing the toxins day after day, and allowing them to accumulate would land you in trouble. Take time to pamper your foot and let them thank you later. When it comes to pampering, you might be thinking of a pedicure. But how about choosing massaging feet with oil? That sounds soothing, right? You could use essential oils such as coconut, sesame, lavender, and almond. Massaging your feet with oil before bed would help enhance your feet’ health. So, here are some of the amazing benefits of massaging feet using the oil every day.

SOOTHES PAIN: Generally, oil massage would be helpful in soothing and relaxing your entire body. Massaging your feet before sleep time would work on the strained muscles in it and even calms the entire body. So, start massaging your feet using warm olive oil or coconut oil to get the experience of relief.  After all, your whole body weight would balance with your foot.

LOWERS THE EFFECTS OF PMS SYMPTOMS: Pre-menstrual symptoms would include mood swings, bloating, insomnia, nausea, and bad cramps. But what if you could reduce the effect of these symptoms? Well, all you have to do is to massage your foot with any essential oil of your choice. Massage the whole foot before bed to enjoy the trouble-free periods.

REDUCES THE BLOOD PRESSURE: Massaging your feet with warm essential oils would reduce blood pressure. This is because the oil massage is linked with neutralizing the blood pressure thereby treating restless leg syndrome.

ENHANCES BLOOD CIRCULATION: As most people are working from home and glued to the chair, their body does not get enough movements. So, the long hours of sitting in front of the screens and poor walking habits would lead to unhealthy blood circulation in your feet. This is why you often experience pain in your legs and feet when you go to bed or walk. So, have five minutes of oil massaging your feet before bed. You could do this to enhance your blood circulation throughout your body.

STIMULATES SLEEP: When you get a good dose of oil massage, it would help you sleep better by enhancing relaxation. Since it eliminates the tension and calms down your nerves, you might be enjoying a healthy sleep cycle. All you have to do is to oil massage the acupuncture points which would not only improve the promote sleep but also offers several health benefits. As a result of healthy blood circulation and calming nerves, you would be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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