Expressing love for each other can be done in endless ways. How much you care about each other is dealt with your heart and it is mutual. Love can be in the form of affection, care for each other, empathy, mutual understanding, emotional bonding. The more you show your love to your partner, the more you get in return. Instead of celebrating love on Valentine’s day, let this get nourished every day to retain happiness and emotional bonding.

Flirt with your partner – Flirting can be done only with your loved one. The one whom you love to express your feelings. This makes you feel so closer and better understanding of each other. Flirting is one way of being open to your partner and trying to explore things mutually. It can actually fulfill your life with much better sex than just do it. It would be better to exhibit this art of flattering your partner in a way to lead a satisfying life.

Listen and Don’t speak – This may not happen in every circumstance. Initial days of getting introduced to each other, things go smooth. We listen to everything as it is the start of the blooming of the relationship. Everything works out well on acceptance. As the days pass on carrying out the same won’t happen often. In case we indulge in any arguments following this method can help out to have a healthy relationship.

Get to know things together – Exploring new things in life can make you more involved, anxious, and interesting. Showing a new dimension to your life can make your life more exciting. Surprisingly your partner often gets you closer. Sharing numerous stories in your free time can actually level up your relationship. This may end up in anxiety and more hormonal changes.

Care for each other’s health – Having concern mutually can make a strong bond. If you are tired due to a long stressful day and feel sick, your partner can treat to make you feel better. Sometimes you may forget to take medicines to treat your illness, your partner can remind you to show his/her love for your betterment.

Share your inner feelings – Never hide your inner feelings. Express your happiness as well as sorrows to get support from your partner that way one can release the burden. This keeps your mind free and able to take wise decisions. Console him/her at times of frustration can act as a healing therapy to get rid of it.