Protect your heart by adding the following foods to your daily diet! Your heart’s health shows your overall health!

The heart is one of the important parts of the human body. Almost every one of us does know how your heart plays a vital role in pushing the blood to the different parts of the body. The condition of your heart represents how healthy your life is. Since the heart is doing the major work in your body, you gotta enhance its health naturally. Some of you might have already been trying to protect your heart by following a diet. The human needs to ensure the healthiness of the heart. Especially, women should never miss out on certain nutritious foods on their plates to improve their heart’s health. So, try to add some heart-healthy foods to your diet every day.

GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES: Green naturally represents how healthy it is for your body. None should avoid fresh green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale. They have already been inhabited with the nutrients your body needs. As the green leafy vegetables are rich in Vitamin K, it helps assist your arteries and also encourages proper clotting of blood.

WHOLE GRAINS: Whole grains are considered to be super healthy foods for your body. Whole grains such as brown rice, oats, rye, barley, buckwheat, and quinoa are fiber-rich foods along with nutrients. It is said that consumption of whole grains might help you to reduce the risk of heart disease as it is filled with fiber, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, and zinc. Whole grains also maintain your cholesterol level and carries oxygen to the blood to reduce the chances of heart disease.

DATES: Date is a must-thing in your diet. The presence of potassium in dates would help you to manage the blood pressure. Dates might help control the levels of triglycerides, a fat that presents in the blood which is associated with heart diseases such as strokes and attacks. With this extreme benefit, dates are rich in natural sugar and low on the glycemic index which thus helps in maintaining the blood sugar level. Did you know a date contains about 66 calories? You could make it a great snack to hike up your energy level. Nuts are always the wisest choice to be added to the daily diet.

BEANS: Since beans are essentially rich in proteins, they are loaded with heart-healthy nutrients. Especially the presence of B vitamins and potassium in beans helps reduce the triglycerides in blood and body cholesterol which are responsible for heart diseases.

PINEAPPLE: Did you know pineapple is what you need? Yes! It is considered that pineapple is rich in vitamin C as it is the must-needed for your day’s energy and heart’s health. Vitamin C helps in battling the free radicals which are responsible for the diseases.