The contemporary world pushes you into its digital side which makes you engrossed in it without even realizing its impacts on your health. Present-day, toddlers, and kids even seeking mobiles, which turn out to be their habit. Furthermore, the pandemic situation has made educational institutions conduct online classes for the students, which makes the children spend their time in front of the screen. Several studies have shown that too much screening time would negatively impact the health of both children and adults. It could be from weight gain to poor sleep which could the result of too much time you spent on mobiles, TVs and laptops as well. Let’s check out the impacts of screen time on your health.

CAUSES OBESITY: Could spending in front of screens increase the weight? Of course, yes! Not only weight gain, but it would also create several other health issues. When you spend much of your time in front of the screens, it would obviously lead to a sedentary lifestyle and even to obesity. You would never find time for a walk when you start watching your favorite series or scrolling social media or watching TV or playing games which would thus lead to overweight. So, you have to limit your screen time and involve in some physical activities which would work better for your health. When it comes to parents, you have to watch your children’s screen time and ask them to play with you or even in your garden.

INTERRUPTS VISION HEALTH: This is a well-known thing that too much screen time would directly affect your vision which is why so many are wearing spectacles. When you spend excessive time in front of the screen, it could cause “computer vision syndrome.” This would have symptoms such as strained, dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches as well. So, you should cautious of your kids’ screen time too.

SPOILS RELATIONSHIPS: It is considered that excessive screen time would decrease one’s ability to feel compassion and developing empathy as well. This would thus spoil intense and meaningful relationships. You might also know how time-consuming screen time is, it could never make you realize hours have passed. When you rely on your phones, you could never have time to spend with your loved ones and it could be extremely frustrating for them to watch you swiping the mobile.

POOR SNOOZING TIME: When you are dived into the digital world, you might have been disturbed by the blue light emission from the screens which would disrupt your sleep. It would in turn repress the melatonin, thereby affecting your circadian rhythm and thus making it difficult for you to sleep. So, you have to switch off all the gadgets an hour before your bedtime to enjoy quality sleeping time.

LEADS TO CHRONIC NECK AND BACK PAIN: While you are indulged in front of the screening, you would never notice how long you are in the same or poor posture. Later, it would cause chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain. It would even cause hand pain right from the middle of the backside of the neck.

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