Most of us do not realize the importance of our lungs which actually makes you strong. However, we do have to acknowledge the important function of the lungs and give them care and attention. Well, breathing provides oxygen to every cell in the body. But without sufficient oxygen, people would be more prone to health issues such as respiratory illnesses, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and even heart disease. Hence, it is essential to give attention to your lungs.

DEEP BREATHING: Simple deep breathing could help you to reach your lungs full capacity. When you exhale and inhale deeply, you could breathe better. All you have to do is to slowly inhale and exhale the air and feel the relaxation.

JUST STAY HYDRATED: It is highly essential for you to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water is indispensable and important for your lungs as it is for the entire body. Staying hydrated would help your lungs to function better.

DIAPHRAGMATIC BREATHING: Diaphragmatic breathing involves diaphragm muscles that separate the organs in the abdomen from the lungs. When you focus on the lower diaphragm, you would get much better breathing. However, this would be helpful for people with lung problems related to asthma, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis. This would also enhance lung health further in individuals.

LAUGH OUT: It is a well-known fact that laughing is great medicine. Laughing is also known to be a great exercise to work on the abdominal muscles and thus helps in increasing lung capacity as per experts. Further, it helps in clearing out your lungs and allows fresh air to enter your lung.

TRY TO STAY ACTIVE: Did you know a regular intense activity is great for your lungs? Yes, it would increase your daily activity along with three gifts such as healthy lungs, a healthy heart, and a good mood as well. So, try to have 20 minutes of a brisk walk or bike ride or whatever you feel would give you the best and active mood.