Awareness of boosting immunity to our body is taken seriously only after the major outbreak of the pandemic. People have begun to follow healthy food habits and customs as in the past. Our older generations followed a very disciplined lifestyle, as there were no medicines for major diseases then. With the growing medical inventions, experts are on the verge of finding new medicines for new diseases. On the other side, people are lethargic about their health believing there is a treatment for every illness. Now the situation has turned upside down due to this pandemic. People are finding ways to improve their immunity. Here are some natural ways to stay healthy.

Consume Healthy Food – There are ways to build immunity naturally with available ingredients at home. Zinc, protein, vitamin D, and Vitamin C are nutrients very important for our immune system.

  • Mix 5 ml of lemon juice, 5 ml of ginger extract with 150 ml of warm water in the morning, and drink
  • Gooseberries juice can be taken regularly, it’s antioxidant property is equivalent to 3 oranges
  • The dry ginger decoction can control influenza, cold, cough, or applied as a paste on the forehead to control headaches
  • Groundnut, channa are rich in zinc, selenium, and protein, consume at least twice a week to develop immunity.

Wash Your Hands – Hands are our main source of taking any virus inside our body. Wash your hands before and after food is being taught in our school but now the situation has turned to wash your hands every one hour. Proper wash can last for 20 seconds with soap or soap in liquid form. Sanitizer can be used whenever we step out.

Regular Exercise – Keeping physically and mentally stable can be achieved in regular exercise and yoga practice. We are driven into life-hacking external agents. Prepare your body to fight those toxins. Through yoga asanas and exercise we can strengthen our immune system. For respiratory illness, there are some asanas in yoga to keep the lungs healthy.

Stay Hydrated – Drinking water often can cleanse your body flushing out harmful toxins. Dehydration can obstruct your focus, digestion process, and heart functions. This can lead to any illness making the immune system weak. It is necessary to consume more fluids every day either as juice or herbal tea or water.

Get Enough Sleep – Adequate rest can strengthen your natural immunity. Whenever we fall sick the body demands rest. If we take more time to sleep our body’s immune system would fight against germs. Poor quality sleep may retain illness or permit any adverse effects.

Disclaimer: This tool does not provide medical advice. The content is intended for informational purposes only and it is not a substitute for the advice of a doctor or professional medical advice or other health advice. It is neither intended nor implied to be so. Please do not ignore professional medical advice because you have read this content