Hey ladies, you might be thinking about this question why you have not had more than one date, or why it is not working out in your case? You might even think of other women who own great boyfriends or husbands and you would still wonder why it is the opposite in your case. Well, it is time for you to stop wondering and trying to learn something which would worth enough. This does not mean about the physical appearance but about good behaviors that would attract men. Sometimes, it is all about your inward beauty than your outward beauty which would captivate people more. So, learn about the five most important behaviors that attract men.

SMILE AND HAVE FUN: Often, men are attracted to women who are happy and easygoing. Girls, you have gotta bring out the laughter and smile at possible situations and even you could tease him gently by learning the art of teasing. Most guys would love spending time with women who know how to have fun instead of going stiff and formal or professional. This one particular behavior would instill men to meet you often as it provides sanguine vibes to them.

GO FOR YOUR OWN THINGS: You gotta be an individual who would enjoy doing your own things as per your wish. Be it your school, meeting friends, hobbies, career which you love or any other commitments, you should completely be yourself. This is what men want, a woman being independent enough. Even if you are busy, you should allot time to meet time and this would thus provide him an ego boost. This would in turn make both your time special and especially, for him, it would be more special.

PRESENT IN THE MOMENT: You should learn to be in the moment as it would help you to go with the flow. You should remember one important thing that men are doers and not talkers as they talk less. Men would not overthink but they like to experience the present. When you are sharing more about your emotional side, it would definitely scare him. Just leave it and go with the flow and enjoy what is happening at the moment which paves the path for him to set up for a relationship.

START LOVING YOURSELF: This is the ultimate thing to do which would eventually put men on your side. All you gotta do is to be yourself without being influenced. You should be comfortable in your own skin and radiating confidence. Generally, men are captivated by self-assured women as they are seen as attractive in the eyes of men. So, when you start to love yourself, you are naturally being awesome in the eyes of others. This would thus create interest in men.

GIVE HIM SPACE: Do not plan for any romantic nights or to force him to watch movies with you when he is excited about something else. It might be his favorite team or player playing on the field and so you should allow him to watch it or you should also join him. Even if he wishes to spend time with his friends or watches a game with his friends, you have to allow for it and do not interrupt it with anything else. This would make him feel great about himself and grateful for being with you. He also appreciates you for giving him space to spend and think outside the relationship. He would also love you for allowing him to be himself.