Healthy Foods to Eat while you are menstruating!

Are you suffering from cramps? Most women would struggle with mood swings, headache, abdominal pain, cramps, and backache during that time of the month. Be it working women or house-wives or mothers with toddlers or teenagers, most of them would struggle to overcome the symptoms associated with periods. Things would even fuel up their irritation during this time and so, it is important to take care of themselves. However, taking pain killers is not advisable to get rid of the periods’ pain but you could ease it through certain foods that have several health benefits as well. Check out the following foods to add to your plate while you are bleeding.

FENNEL SEEDS: When you are succumbing to your menstrual cramps, just have fennel seeds that have anti-inflammatory properties. So, it would be able to act as a painkiller. It is also known to calm down your muscles which could make those days of the month better. You could gulp the boiled fennel seeds water once it is cool down.

LEAFY GREEN VEGGIES: None would suggest you avoid taking the green leafy veggies as they are good at providing health benefits. But have ever heard of spinach lowering your menstrual cramps, and pains? If not, then try to add it to your diet during menstruation as they are rich in vitamin E, B6, and magnesium which would be helpful in combating periods of cramps.

PINEAPPLE: Well, you might know that pineapple could help you to treat irregular periods or prevent you from irregular menstruation. But it is helpful in other ways by easing your menstrual cramps, and it is considered a natural muscle relaxant as well. So, try to consume pineapple either in juice form or fruit form.

BANANAS: Bananas work great for menstrual cramps as it is rich in nutrients such as vitamin B6. Most women would experience bloating during periods but they could overcome it with this potassium-rich fruit. This is because it helps in lowering water retention, thereby reducing bloating. Try to have a few bites from a banana.

DARK CHOCOLATE: Girls, you could now munch on your favorite snack during the difficult times of the month. It could be helpful in lowering periods of pain and fuel up your mood as well. This is due to the presence of cocoa in dark chocolate which lifts the mood naturally. Meanwhile, the chocolates with added sugar could kindle your period’s pain further. So, ensure to have a bar of dark chocolate whenever you feel bad about aches and pains.