Being a common disease, diabetes is considered to be the silent killer as it is often diagnosed unexpectedly. And so, it is highly essential for people to know about the symptoms which could be helpful in early diagnosis and speedy recovery. When it comes to controlling diabetes, it is necessary for you to follow a strict diet as it is effective in the treatment. You must have to eat small and healthy meals all day to control the blood sugar levels. People are sad when it comes to avoiding snacking while on the diabetic diet. But here are some healthy snacks to munch on.

HAVE SOME FRUITS: Even though diabetic should avoid certain fruits, they could have fruits that are comparatively low in sugar. These fruits such as apples, berries, and guava are actually great sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. So, have a few bites of these fruits every day.

HANDFUL of NUTS: Nuts are more than healthy, and you could never put it in words. They taste crunchy, tasty, and nutritious and are good for diabetic patients. Nuts are loaded with healthy fats that are good sources of proteins and low on carbohydrates. Consult your doctor and have a healthy quantity of nuts. Just soak them and have them every day.

PROTEIN PACKED EGGS: Most people would avoid eating eggs but it is actually good when it comes to diet. However, egg whites are a great source of protein and are highly nutritious to be added safely in the diet of diabetic patients. So, you could have any snack prepared with egg whites and it could be consumed any time of the day.

HAVE A SPOON OF YOGURT WITH VEGGIES: You could eat yogurt with raw veggies such as broccoli, carrot, and tomatoes. Also, raw veggies are a great source of minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. On the other hand, yogurt is rich in protein and calcium and thus the combination is good for health as well as makes you feel satiated.

BOWL OF STEAMED SPROUTS SALAD: Well, pulses are rich in protein and fiber which are good for your health. It is highly helpful in controlling blood sugar levels. If your tummy wishes to have snacks next time, just mix steamed sprouts with chopped cucumber, tomatoes, and cottage cheese or any veggies of your choice which is good for your health. Also, add some salt and add a tablespoon of lemon juice for a better taste. Even the boiled beans or Kala chana would also be good snacks with numerous health benefits.

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