When you go to bed with a sound tummy, it would definitely collapse your sleep. While you are into a weight loss diet, this roaring sound of your tummy would make you awake as well as hanker for unwanted eating.


Both sleeping patterns, and diet play a vital role in your weight-loss process. When you deprive of sleep, it would trigger the hunger hormones and thus you crave high calorie-filled unhealthy eatables. So, it is good if you hit the bed with a satiated tummy which would thus make you enjoy a good night’s snooze. To balance your sleep and diet, you could choose certain bedtime foods which are weight-loss friendly. Let’s check out the following list of foods.

CHERRIES: Could sweet cherries be helpful in sound sleeping without interrupting your diet? Well, cherries could help you to sleep better as it contains a natural source of melatonin which is a sleep-inducing hormone. It is also rich in antioxidants that could be helpful in inflammation and help in shedding those extra fats.

BANANAS: Bananas contain tryptophan which is helpful in providing quality sleep at night. Also, when you bite banana, it would make your stomach full with its fiber. This fiber-rich sweet fruit would curb your sugar hankerings right after your dinner.

ALMONDS: Almonds is yet another great night snacking option as it serves proteins and fiber for your body. While the proteins help in repairing your muscles at night, the fiber helps you to be satisfied. Already, almonds are known to be fat-burning food which is incorporated in a weight-loss diet.

GREEK YOGURT: Like almonds, yogurt is helpful in weight-loss. The high-protein and low sugar content in the yogurt would be helpful in satisfying your tummy as well as aid in slimming your waist. Also, when you eat protein-rich food right before your bedtime, it would promote good sleep as well as repair your muscles.

CHOCOLATE MILK: Most of you might astonish to read chocolate milk on the list. But it is actually a weight-loss friendly drink. The presence of calcium would work as fat-burner as per the studies. On the other hand, the natural source of tryptophan in milk could stimulate sleep through which you could enjoy a healthy sleep pattern.

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