Indian recipes are more nutritious and highly delicious in its taste. The spices that are grown widely that adds a nice aroma to every dish. Usage of coconut in curries, Kuruma, raitas, dosa, and so on. In India, every state follows a different style of making food. Hearing the names of the dishes will make us mouth-watering. More sweet, spice items are made widely in this country and are famous worldwide. Here are some best Indian recipes that you have never come across.

Aloo Gobi – Aloo combined with the Gobi is the most loved dish that emerges with two different tastes. Its amazing combination adds extraordinary aroma when added with masala items. Both vegetables are loaded with a lot of nutrients and a high amount of dietary fiber that eases the digestion process. The indulgence of masalas, onion, and tomatoes make it a little watery, suitable to serve for nan, chapatis, or for any rice items.

Chicken Tikka Masala – Another rumored dish seen everywhere in India is Chicken Tikka Masala. It is prepared by adding necessary spices to enhance the taste. Ginger garlic paste for flavor and proper digestion. Marinated with tomatoes, curd for tanginess, and coriander for good aroma. It goes with rice, chapati, nan, and bread.

Mushroom Masala – Mushroom replaces any non-vegetarian food with its peculiar taste and an equal amount of nutrition. Mushroom is high in proteins and along with onion, tomatoes can make you mouth-watering within its taste and aroma. It has become necessary to add ginger and garlic to clear any germs and to prevent stomach burn. A little added spice can bring out the extraordinary taste and makes you craving for it multiple times. This dish can make mushroom haters fall for its scrumptious taste.

Chettinad Fish Fry – It is one of the famous fish recipes in south India. The moist fish is fried by adding the correct amount of spice and sweet. The turmeric is one of the ingredients added in this dish that removes germs with its anti-bacterial property. Ginger can make the digestion process easy. Lime is to enhance the flavor of the dish and chilies to make the dish a little spicy. Altogether it makes the dish the most delicious.

Kerala-Style Chicken Coconut Stew – Coconut is largely grown in the state of Kerala and coconut oil is widely used for cooking. The dish is added with spices along with coconut and green chilies. The coconut brings creamy consistency to the dish and makes it more delicious in taste. Potato stew and creamy chicken are the deadly combinations in their taste.