Normally, we people have the tendency to waste food but we are not supposed to waste food. But when it comes to food waste from your kitchen, then it would be as same as wasting foods. When you prepare foods at home, you would cut veggies and there would some waste. Howbeit, they are also considered to be the foods as it contains calories. A few drops could make up a mighty ocean, isn’t it? Similarly, you might think you are removing the unwanted portion of the food but they even have their own goodness. You might think it a smaller portion but it might tons and tons tomorrow. So, here are a few simple ways to minimize your food waste in the kitchen.

CONSUME THE SKIN: Most people would not eat fruits or veggies with the skin but they peel out the skin and leave it as waste. In order to reduce the food waste, you have to eat it along with skin which would produce fiber, vitamins, and minerals as well.

TRY TO USE THE STEMS OF FRESH HERBS: When it comes to leafy veggies, only the leaves are used and not the stems. However, those stems could provide you a lot of flavor and nutrition. Just use the stems of parsley, cilantro, or mint and get instilled with vitamins and minerals.

PURCHASE IN SMALLER QUANTITIES: When going out for purchase, just buy things in smaller quantities and avoid larger quantities. This would help you to reduce food waste.

USE ENTIRE PART OF THE VEGGIES: While most of us throw out the stems and skins of the veggies, we do not know how incredibly healthy they are. Just eat the delicious leaves of the celery, eat potatoes and cucumbers along with the skin as it provides better nutrition. So, try to use the maximum of the veggies.

PREPARE SMOOTHIES: When you have the leftovers of fruits and veggies, just try using it for luscious smoothies. Do not toss off the leftovers and use them in an alternative way. Not only smoothies but you prepare a snack with it even and make it healthy as well.