Anything that goes through your nose makes you sneeze. This is an involuntary action that helps your body removes irritants from your nose or throat. Sneezing continues to happen until all the irritants are out from your body. Naturally, we have hair like brushes inside our nose which prevents dirt from entering. Our brain responds when any kind of bacteria or virus enters our nasal lining.

Herbal Drink – Drink tulsi and ginger extract on a regular basis to keep you away from cold. Tulsi Ginger and tulsi can provide you with much help when it comes to fighting a cold. Adding these in your tea is the easiest and trustworthy way to tackle sneezing. You can also boil 3-4 tulsi leaves with some ginger for added benefits.

Take Vitamin C rich food – Spinach, lemons, guava, oranges, and lemons are foods packed with a powerful antioxidant component that builds the immune system in our body to prevent cold. Certain citrus fruits contain plant chemicals called flavonoids that can fight against viruses or bacteria entering our body. If you face a sneezing problem consume these fruits to stay healthy.

Effects of Black cardamom – Chewing black cardamom can stop squeezing. It is packed with antioxidants. Cardamom tea with honey is the best remedy to keep away from the flu and stay warm. The oil content and the strong smell of cardamom can ease mucous flow and removes irritants.

Try Amla – Amla is packed with strong antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It is widely recommended by our parents and elders to be consumed on a regular basis. Eating amla regularly can build enough immunity in our body. It can be eaten directly or in cooked form. Add this in your everyday meal for a healthy living.

Zinc-rich foods  -Nuts, dairy products, seeds, seafood, and cereals are foods rich in zinc. They are immune boosters. Improve your immune system to prevent it from cold and to get rid of a sneeze.