Aging is natural that happens in every living being. We cannot completely eradicate the aging process but can be controlled in many ways. The primary reasons to get older can be due to genetics, too much exposure to the sun UV rays, and getting addicted to tobacco or alcohol. Never feel its a tough job to bring back youthful skin. There are foods that can help to postpone the aging process. This article can be an eye-opener for most of us to know which food can show signs of aging much faster.

Alcohol – Studies have proven that alcohol can speed up aging factors. If you are addicted to excessive drinking that may dehydrate your body. Once our body is deprived of water our skin starts to show aging symptoms. Alcohol can dissolve vital nutrients in our body and stops cell regeneration. If you are conscious about your looks and health then avoid drinking alcohol

Sugary Cocktails – Sugary Cocktails are more dangerous than alcohol that leads to an outbreak of premature aging. The sugary substance can destroy the collagen of the skin combined with dehydration can cause lines and wrinkles in the skin.

Salty Foods – Iodine present in the salt is essential for muscle build. Have control in adding salt while cooking, excess salt can lead to premature aging. Our body requires a good amount of salt for the metabolic process. Unhealthy salt in the body reduces the required fluid in the body and causes dehydration. Processed foods contain hidden salt which we often get trapped for their taste.

Processed Meats – Generally processed foods are unhealthy due to preservatives added to enrich its taste. When it comes to non-vegetarian, processed meats are made more delicious for its added salt and chemicals to prevent from getting rotten. The processed meat when eaten in the long run can cause inflammation and shows rapid signs of aging.

Deep-Fried Foods – Fried foods contain a lot of calories and fat. This can lead to high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Seeing the fried items our mouth starts to crave for its crunchy and delicious taste. It can trigger an acne problem and can cause skin dehydration. Home-cooked fried food if taken in moderation can prevent aging. Avoid fried foods in restaurants or fast food to have a healthy living.

Spicy Foods – Spicy foods can cause redness, wrinkles, lifeless and blotchy skin. They can expand the blood vessels and shows signs of aging. People crossing 40 & above can avoid spicy foods to keep away from health hazards and also remain youthful.

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