Usually, in our body the blood flows to every part of our body is by a pumping action. The heart is one internal organ that performs this function. Every time our heart beats it pushes the blood against the walls of your arteries with pressure. When the heart beats faster the blood pressure is higher. Keeping our heart safe is an important thing to keep our blood pressure under control. When this problem is not appropriately addressed then it may send life-threatening signals. There are risks of many heart diseases and stroke if blood pressure goes high. Low blood pressure also has equal effects. Fall in blood pressure can be fatal too. There are some home remedies to Maintain Blood Pressure.

Caffeine – Caffeine in coffee causes an instant boost in your blood pressure. Having a cup of coffee in the morning makes you feel fresh and energetic. For people with high blood pressure caffeine can quickly increase the stiffness of the large arteries. Adding sugar can cause an increase in blood pressure. Even green tea can keep your blood pressure in control.

Regular Exercise – Exercise can keep your heart healthy.While in this process the heart pumps faster and enhances the blood flow. Simple walking can keep your blood pressure under control. On a regular basis spend a maximum of 3 hours on your health to ensure the wellness of your body. While doing the exercise the heart pumps the blood efficiently that lowers the pressure in your arteries.

Consume Less Salt – It is better to add less salt to your food to maintain your blood pressure. Now there are more packed and processed food, the salt content is comparatively high. Our body requires a considerable amount of sodium. As we grow older our level of sodium intake should be decreasing to have control of blood pressure. On the other hand, if you have complaints about low blood pressure, taking a pinch of table salt would be an instant remedy, or drink a glass of buttermilk with salt.

Almond Milk – Soak few almonds in the night. Peel and Grind it in the morning and add the paste with the milk. Following this every day your body gets complete nutrition. Almond is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that keep your blood pressure levels under control.

Reduce Stress – We are in a fast-moving world with a lot of stress around. Stress is the key point of an increase in blood pressure. Indulging in unhealthy habits due to stress can have adverse effects on your blood pressure. Engage yourself in a way that gives you pleasure to get rid of blood pressure.

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