Of course, weekends are always meant to be having fun and breaking rules by indulging in extra fun. But you could still build your body better by planning certain healthy activities for the weekends to follow. Since lockdown is here, we are spending more time at home and most of us even forget about the weekends as we are all working from home and staying indoors. Well, you could still get back to your weight loss goals to get a flat belly. So, here are a few ideas to follow up on every weekend.

START SWEATING: You could use your weekend to involve in a new weight loss workout with your family or with your partner at home. It could be something like Zumba online class which you have not tried before or some other weight loss activities which would provide better results for you.

GETTING PHYSICAL: You might not have time to be steamy with each other as you have been working all day. This is the time for you to get intimate with each other. Even if you are burdened with work from home, you could have your weekends for a few love doses as it would help you to burn calories.

HAVE BRUNCH: You could have a brunch date with your partner on weekends which would be a plate of healthy intake. It would be better if you choose egg dishes as the yolk would boost metabolism and helps in burning calories as well.

GO FOR APPETIZER: On weekends, just serve yourself with an appetizer and a veggie-based side dish such as salad or anything which keeps your calories in control. It means you should avoid crispy and fried consumption.

GO FOR A CUP OF GREEN TEA: Include a green tea diet that would be effective. This is because a study has shown that green tea would curb your hunger and cravings for your favorite foods.

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