Who else would not love to eat green peas? They are known to be popular veggies that are used in preparing several dishes in Indian cuisine. Some might avoid this but they are also quite nutritious and also incorporate fiber and antioxidants in them. This sweet legume is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants such as vitamins K, C, and folate. It could also be rich in manganese and fiber. So, you could add it to your diet if you wish. Here are some of the health benefits of green peas you should know.

ENHANCES DIGESTION: The presence of prebiotic sugars and fiber would be helpful in improving the digestive process. Also, with the help of dietary fiber, the peas are helpful in enhancing digestive function. This is highly essential for healthy digestion as well as for flushing out toxic substances. So, when you include green peas in the diet, it could be helpful in improving the overall gastrointestinal function.

IMPROVES IMMUNITY: Rich in vitamin C, peas are helpful in boosting up immunity. It could also be helpful in fighting against bacteria that cause stomach and duodenal ulcers and even stomach cancer.

PREVENTS ANAEMIA: Since peas are good in iron, they could be helpful in providing health to your entire body. When there is a lack of iron, it would lead to anemia. And if you do not have enough iron in your body, then your body could not make good oxygen-carrying red blood cells. This would in turn cause hemoglobin deficiency. So, if you take enough peas, it would provide you iron and thus helps in fighting fatigue and provides strength to your body.

GREAT FOR EYE’S HEALTH: This is great news for your eyes. As peas are loaded with a carotenoid pigment called lutein, it would be known to lower the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration or loss of vision in older age. So, you could have peas to improve your eyesight.

GOOD FOR HEART’S HEALTH: Could these small green pods be helpful in improving the heart’s health? Well, the presence of insoluble fiber content in peas could be helpful in reducing the chance of heart disease and stroke. Additionally, peas are helpful in managing blood sugar levels in the body.