Groundnut belongs to the nut family is one of the well-known snacks from our ancient times. It is widely cultivated across the world. Peanut is a legume that contains amazing health benefits and has high nutritional value. From kids to elders it serves as healthy snacks. Peanut /Groundnut has a good flavor and crunchy taste added to most of the south Indian dishes. The oil that is extracted from the groundnut is a staple ingredient that can be found in every house in India. Peanuts are used for chutney, butter, Chikki, as flavoring agents in food items.

Improves Immunity – The vitamin E in the groundnut oil acts as an antioxidant. The high value of zinc and vitamin B6 also supports our immune system. This safeguards the body from the damage caused due to free radicals. Omega 6 fatty acids in peanut oil contain a type of polyunsaturated fats that contribute towards muscle buildup, the body’s development, and stronger bones.

Prevents Heart Diseases – Peanut has monounsaturated fats that lower the risk of numerous Heart diseases. Oleic acid, an antioxidant in peanuts can reduce the amount of bad cholesterol. Taking peanuts every day in any form of food can keep you away from cardiovascular and coronary heart disease.

Reduces Weight – Peanuts are rich in protein, fiber, and good fat. The nutrients in it can keep your stomach full for longer hours. This nut provides instant energy and prevents overeating. A cup of peanuts either fried or boiled can increase your metabolic activity instantly. Despite their high calorie and fat content, peanuts are safe to be consumed in promoting weight loss. Peanut powder is an excellent source of protein that can be added to any meal as a supplement.

Good Snack for Diabetes – It helps in lowering blood sugar. Peanuts of 100gms are loaded with 21% of manganese that helps in regulating blood sugar and in the absorption of calcium. For a sudden rise in blood sugars and hunger pains, a handful of peanuts would suffice to bring in control.

Increases Memory Power – Vitamin B3 is essential for boosting memory power. Groundnut contains niacin and Vitamin B3 which helps in improving brain function. Flavonoids element in peanut can stimulate brain function by increasing the blood flow to the brain. Kids can eat more and more peanuts to increase their memory power right from a young age.