Ever tried consuming these fiber-rich tiger nuts? If not, you gotta incorporate these powerful nuts into your diet. Otherwise known as chufa, Tiger nuts are earth almonds or yellow nuts and are actually not nuts but edible tubers. In shape, it looks like that of a chickpea but with a nutty and chewy texture. When it comes to nuts, almonds, cashews, and walnuts would appear in your mind. But the next time when you purchase nuts, do remember about the power-packed nuts. Historically, it was one of the first plants which have been cultivated in Egypt and have been used traditionally as food and medicine as they are praised for their rich nutrients. This is why nuts have been associated with several health benefits. Note down the benefits to be beneficiaries of tiger nuts.


BOOST THE IMMUNE POWER: With the presence of antioxidants and other effective nutrients, tiger nuts help develop the immune system of the body. Even a study shows that the extract from the nuts could fight against disease-causing bacteria like E.coli, salmonella, and staphylococcus. So, tiger nuts are naturally helpful in combating antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections as well.

MANAGES BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL: Tiger nuts might assist in curbing the spiking blood sugar levels which work due to the presence of rich amino acid arginine that increases insulin production and sensitivity. Thus, it would control the blood sugar level. Moreover, the nuts are also infused with compounds that might be helpful in lowering the sugar being absorbed in your gut after a high-carb meal as per the research.

WORKS AS AN APHRODISIAC: Could tiger nuts boost up your libido? Yes, According to Ayurveda, tiger nuts have been used as a libido booster by Nigerian men as well as used for treating erectile dysfunction. So, tiger nuts have been used as a natural aphrodisiac in some parts of the world.

GOOD FOR HEART’S HEALTH: Since tiger nuts contain heart-healthy fats, they could be useful in strengthening your heart. The presence of amino acid arginine would support the health of the heart because your body would want it to make a compound called nitric oxide which in turn would be helpful in dilating the arteries and veins that reduce blood pressure. This is how it prevents the chance of cardiac arrest, stroke, and other heart-related diseases as well.

GREAT FOR DIGESTION: The fiber-rich tiger nuts are helpful in stimulating healthy digestion. The nuts being infused with essential enzymes including catalases, lipases, and amylases which are helpful in breaking down the foods in your gut, relieving gas, preventing indigestion, and diarrhea. The high fiber content of the nuts would assist in getting rid of constipation and bloating as well.

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