Some of us would never leave our house without snacks or say, we would buy enough snacks to store whenever we go out for shopping groceries. Well, you would always be hankering crazily and you would compromise your hangry feel. At times, you would have felt why you are feeling hungry always and why you are munching on foods often. However, when it comes to hunger, it would be complicated to define as it is triggered by both the biological as well as psychological factors. So, here are some reasons why you feel hungry always and find satisfaction with the foods.

DISTRACTED EATING: Did you know we not only eat with our eyes but also with ears? Yes, A new study has shown how our perception of the sound of eating food impacts our eating habits. Well, you could have experienced this while watching TV or listening to music while you eat. You might have been munching on as you could not hear your snacking noise which is actually lower when compared to the volumes of music.

SKIPPING MEALS: This might be a familiar thing because most people use to skip their meals and so they would feel hungrier than usual when the next meal time comes.

EXERCISING MORE: Being involved in the weight loss goals, you should not sweat more just to lose weight as this would make your body to need more calories. This would also make you feel hungry as pumping iron would improve your metabolism and also burn through the energy and glucose stores. This in turn would stimulate the release of ghrelin and thus you feel hungry.

BORED-EATING: Almost all of us would have encountered this bored-eating as you eat when boredom strikes. Believe it or not, boredom transforms you into the worse kind of emotional eater as chances are high you choose wrong foods that are bad for health.

SITTING ALL DAY: Sitting all day is one kind of job which actually makes you fat which is a very well-known fact. But did you know sitting all day would make you feel hungry? Yes, when you do not get up to walk, your body would struggle to manage with its glucose sensitivity and it could thus lead you to feel hungry.