When it comes to summer, the Air conditioner is everyone’s favorite buddy as it would make you chill and relax with its coolness. Everything seems to be amazing when you switch on the air conditioner as soon as entered the home and jump onto the bed, isn’t it? Well, did you remember those office days where we use to work in an air-conditioned space? But you might not know the aftereffects of spending time in an air-conditioned room day and night. So, read on to know the aftereffects of spending time in an air-conditioned room day and night.

LEADS TO OBESITY: Obviously, the lockdown would make you glued to one particular place, regardless of the work you are involved in. Why not your brain and heart would merge in the action of switching on the air conditioner of your room? Of course, you would do it and you would engross in your work. But it would negatively impact your body as well. Your body might be immobile because of the low body temperature which would not allow you to use the energy to the maximum. So, it ends up in obesity.

UNBEARABLE JOINT PAINS: This might be a common complaint from the elders when they spend time in an air-conditioned room. This is due to the low temperature of AC that causes knee pains and other joint pains as well. Moreover, it would lead to stiffness in your joints thereby causing bone-related issues in your body.

THE CRUEL COLLABORATION OF BLOOD PRESSURE AND ASTHMA: if you are someone with a blood pressure condition, then you definitely have to avoid the possibility of spending time in an air-conditioned room. This is because spending 24*7 in an air-conditioned room would worsen the condition by causing asthma and other health issues. Also, people with breathing issues would have to stay away from Air conditioners.

RESULTS IN FATIGUE AND FEVER: Staying in an air-conditioned room ceaselessly would end up in unidentified fatigue and fever which would make you weak. Additionally, excessive cold or heat could lead to unexplained mood swings. This is why it is essential to stay away from an air conditioner or turn it off for some time to prevent unexplained illnesses.

AFFECTS THE SKIN HEALTH: When it comes to spending most of your time in an air-conditioned room, it would not only have its negative impacts on your health but also on your skin. It would spoil the natural moisturization of your skin thereby causing dehydrated and dull skin that you obviously would not love.

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