Apart from the food that we eat to reduce stress and anxiety, our nature has in store some plants which really works on reducing mental ailments. Gardening is one way of releasing stress doing so the plants with their flowers, smell, leaves also play a major role in this process. We feel the positivity around us, promote relaxation to muscles, keep our mind calm, and enhances good sleep. Growing herbs is one hobby that can calm our nerves after a stressful day.

Here are some plants that we can grow to alleviate stress

Oregano – Oregano is a herbal plant from the mint family. It is used in dishes, salads to add flavor. Oregano oil serves to treat many health conditions. This herb is rich in caffeic acid and rosmarinic acid that can keep away depression. Research proved after 14 days it was found the treatment with oregano oil has a very good effect on depression. This plant is highly recommended to eradicate stress.

Peppermint – This indoor plant called an anti-anxiety plant. The methanol in this plant can keep away stress, anxiety, and frustration. It also aids in proper digestion and relaxes the muscles. Growing in a small pot at home or office or working place can increase alertness, feel energetic and active throughout the day. This can be used as an air freshener.

Aloe Vera – Most preferred plant for its classic properties and infinite health benefits. It acts as an air purifier that can remove harmful chemicals in the air. Aloe vera gives away more oxygen to the environment cutting harmful radiations from electronic devices. Best medicine for insect bites and stings. Growing Aloe vera offers less maintenance. It possesses natural air purifying property that helps to reduce anxiety and stress by giving us fresh air to breathe

Jasmine – The plant can lower anxiety and stress levels considerably. The flower is pleasing for the eyes that create a positive mood. This helps to get a good and peaceful sleep at night. This gorgeous plant not only decorates our room with its beauty but also gives a pleasant feel. The flower that blossoms in the night are a treat to our eyes. With its aromatic smell used as an air freshener, perfumes keeping the surroundings with fresh oxygen supply and good fragrance.

Lavender -This plant possesses a mesmerizing fragrance as well as its beauty. Lavender oil is prescribed as a treatment for anxiety and depression. It gives a calming effect with its color and aroma. It has got sedative properties that help induce sleep. It used most as a perfume for its scent and acts as home decor.