The type of food we intake is the main source of any problems. Primarily it starts with the stomach where half of the digestion process takes place. Gastritis is one of the Stomach problems which comes in the form of belly pain, bloating, farting, and burping. It is better to get treated at the earliest known symptoms. There are various ways to get rid of such suffocation.

Plan your Meal – Come up with the list of foods that causes gastritis. Try to avoid those foods in your meal. Consult an expert to guide you properly on the type of food that can be taken for a meal. There are some foods that can cause gas pain in the stomach are fruit juices, coffee, carbonated drinks, spicy foods, and fried foods.

Drink Tea – Herbal tea has a great effect on gas pain. Generally bloating is a buildup of gas in the stomach and intestines. Drinking herbal tea regularly can bring down the problem. Also can relieve joint pains, menstrual cramps. Try Peppermint, ginger, Lemon balm, and fennel that help to soothe digestive issues.

Proper Chewing of Food – Chew the food properly to have proper and easy digestion in the stomach. Some may swallow it directly or drink water to push the food down, this should not be practiced. To ease your digestion process,   use your teeth to grind the food into pieces and then swallow. This resolves your gas pain in the stomach.

Release Gas from the body – Gas can be released either in the form of a burp or fart. This is something that makes the situation a little unpleasant or kind of puts you in an embarrassing state. In that case, instead of control, find a secluded place to relieve yourself. Suppressing gas inside our body can lead to severe gas pain.

Gentle Exercise – Walking is the easiest form of exercise to ease gas pain. It relaxes abdominal muscles that help to release the trapped gases from your body. There are some asanas in yoga that soothe the passage of intestinal gas.

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