What’s more annoying than waking up to puffy eyes and completely stressed? A bad night would spoil your entire day when you wake up the next morning.

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Did you know why you feel tired and fatigued? This might be because of the poor sleep cycle. If you want to be a morning lark rather than a night owl or at least need to have a goodnight’s sleep, then you just have some essential habits of effective sleepers. So, check out the following essential habits of effective sleepers.

PROPER CIRCADIAN RHYTHM: When it comes to effective sleepers, they would maintain proper circadian rhythm. The healthy sleeping hours would be about seven to eight hours and the time you wish to go to bed is up to you. When you have a daily good night’s sleep, it would help your body’s internal clock or circadian rhythm to work healthily. Moreover, it would help you balance the hormone, increase your energy and be less tired the next day.

KEEP AWAY THE PHONES: Infinite scrolling of mobile phones is not good for you. It does not help sleep rather it would affect your eye. Just stay away from screens before you go to bed. Do not jump onto the bed with your mobile phones. Switch off all the screens and keep them away from your bed which would thus help you get better sleep.

AVID READERS: Effective sleepers would be fond of reading. Instead of using gadgets, you could dive into your bed with a book. It would help you fall asleep and get a good night’s snooze. The time before you sleep is essential because it would make up your body to fall asleep. It would de-stress your mind thereby switching on the relax mode. So, reading could play an effective role in effective sleepers.

GET ENOUGH LOVE FROM THE SUN: Staying doors in your office or working from home would make you stick to the particular place where there are no sun rays. Less exposure to sunlight would have a negative impact on your sleep patterns. So, placing your work desk near the windows or having lunch outside while getting some love from sunshine would help you when the dark falls.

BREATHING TECHNIQUES COULD HELP: If nothing works, just meditate and breathe. Let breathing ease your mind and helps you have a better snooze at night. Effective sleepers could follow some essential breathing techniques before hitting the bed as it would help them relax and tranquilize. Just adapting a simple breathing technique could help you better since it is highly effective. It would be better incorporating these mentioned essential habits of effective sleepers.

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