People will take crystals as just rocks and not more than that. Even though people are considering them to be mere rocks, they are attracted to some gemstones or crystals because of their beauty and shining quality. But they forget to realize its healing properties which are used by people to heal both their physical and mental ailments for ages. While a particular crystal helps you heal digestion or any other issues, it may not work the same way for your close friend. So, when it comes to healing with crystals, it will be an individualized experience. The crystal with which you are connected is said to offer special healing power for you. Well, here are some of the crystals which contain strong healing powers from which you can find the one for you.

AMETHYST (THE ALL-PURPOSE STONE): Otherwise known as “The All-Purpose Stone”, Amethyst is popular for its amazing healing properties and offers both spiritual and physical benefits for an individual. It will infuse calmness and balance, clears the mind from chaos, and removes negative and stressful emotions. Further, it will be more beneficial as it can be helpful in balancing the hormone levels as well as reinforcing the immune system, promoting good skin and strong joints too. You will be surprised to know about its impact on cell regeneration, getting rid of insomnia, mood swings, curing a hangover, and relieving headaches.

LAPIS LAZULI: The existence of lapis lazuli is tracked right from the birth of time. This is made from a combination of minerals and is deep blue in color. When it comes to blue color, it symbolized water, healing, and peace as well. Because of the calming properties, the stone is seen improving the cardiac rhythm and lowering the blood pressure.  This bluestone is helpful in treating migraines and headaches as it triggers the third eye chakra. Additionally, it is extremely helpful to the throat, larynx, and vocal cords and it can be helpful in regulating the thyroid glands, thereby balancing the energies of the throat chakra.

CITRINE: Often used for its warm, optimistic energy, Citrine is helpful in warding off the negative energy from you by retaining a clear mind. The stone is good for someone who is suffering from mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. It will be enhancing concentration, memory, and creativeness. This is stone known to be helpful in weight-loss as well as improving digestive function. Citrine is also helpful in attaining the goal with personal power.

ROSE QUARTZ: Known to be the loving stone, rose quartz is helpful in all forms. It can be helpful for healing all forms of emotional heartbreaks. So, you could have it when you are emotionally imbalanced as it brings peace and serenity because of the soothing and calming effects. This pink color stone will be helpful to overcome physical heart ailments. Furthermore, it provides a healthy blood flow and reduces stress, and offers a relaxed mood for the person.

AGATE: Due to the healing properties, Agate is seen working behind the scenes as it works slowly and steadily. If you have any addiction, this stone will help you overcome it slowly. This amazing crystal will be effective in all forms such as physical, spiritual, and emotional.  It improves mental function thereby enhancing concentration, perception, and analytical abilities as well.

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