As it is a pandemic period, most of the countries ordered their citizens to wear masks in the public or whenever they step out of the house. Even though people are wearing masks when they step out, they feel uneasy at a certain point in time which makes them irritable. On the other hand, wearing a mask would prevent the virus spread from one person to another. Well, the act of wearing masks now slowly turning out to be new normal but people have come out with some excuses to wear it. Check out the excuses for not wearing the masks.

WEARING MASK WOULD INTERRUPT THE HEALTH: When you wear masks outside your home, you would have to stay with them for a longer time period which is not good for your health. It is said that wearing masks for a longer time period would affect your immune system or provide you carbon dioxide poisoning. So, if you are comfortable with your mask, then it is good for you. If you could not breathe comfortably with the mask on, then it is not good for you. Well, you have to handle the situation better and consult a doctor if you have any issues.

TESTED NEGATIVE: Well, you do not need to have symptoms to spread the virus to others. Even you do not know when you might become infected unless or until you have undergone a test for it. However, American President Donald Trump explained that he does not want to wear a mask as he has tested negative for the virus.

NOT THE COOLEST OR MASCULINE: Wearing a mask might judge you about being masculine and not masculine. It is not an issue at all. If you really wanna show up your independence, then do wear the mask and do not lend your ears to others’ opinions, or if someone says it is not being masculine. Howbeit, the problem here is not about being coolest or masculine but about the spread of the virus.

THINKING OF BEING UNINFECTED: You might have thought you are strong enough and you already made a shield against the virus. So, you would not wear a mask. But wearing a mask is not for your safety alone, it is to protect others from you as you might be infected without even realizing it.

COVERS THE ACTUAL BEAUTY AND MAKING COMMUNICATION TOUGH: Well, wearing a mask could cover your mouth, nose, chin, lips, cheeks, and nostrils. But this is good for now and not a bad thing though. If you cover it, for now, you could show it up later when we are free of the virus. Of course, communication through a mask is a little difficult. But still, you could speak with your mask which has a breathable material on it. You could communicate with gestures and it is not all about mouth. So, wear your mask for better days are coming as the pandemic would end eventually.