Water is essential to keep our body hydrated. By drinking 6-8 glasses in a day becomes necessary for a healthy metabolism. Our body is composed of 60-70% of water, which is released as sweat and urine. Only water has the power to quench your thirst and to keep away harmful pathogens from your body. If no water survival of any living being become a question mark. Let us know other benefits of this nature’s gift for any creature in this article

Promotes Healthy Skin – There are skin moisturizers available to avoid dry and flaky skin. When you avoid drinking water and keep yourself dehydrated can lead to wrinkles, lines, dark spots, etc. Water can keep your skin hydrated and away from toxins. Excessive water consumption is not necessary for moisturizing the skin, anything in moderation is good for healthy metabolism and skin. The skin remains shiny and away from ailments when sufficient water is consumed.

Reduces Calories – If you have decided to exercise low-calorie food then drinking more water should be entertained. This can very well decrease your appetite and increase metabolic activity. Drinking water before meals can keep your stomach full thus preventing you from overeating. It keeps your body cool. Hot water is best to wash away toxins in your body and foreign objects.

Maintains your Body Fluids – To have a healthy metabolism balancing your body fluids is very important and water takes the role of doing this function. It helps in transport, circulation, absorption of nutrients, and the entire digestion process. Do not skip drinking water when you are thirsty.

Manages Bowel Function – For a bowel function water becomes necessary to prevent constipation issues. With the lack of water, the large intestine takes water from the stool to retain hydration resulting in constipation problems. Water promotes proper digestion and helps the food move easily through the gastrointestinal tract.

Strengthens Muscles – Water is the supplier of energy to your muscles that help cells in the balance of fluids and electrolytes. Exercise or workout can aid in strengthening muscles. Your body requires enough fluids intermittently during a workout as it releases more sweat. If you fail to hydrate then it results in improper workouts.

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