There are some adverse effects in this season, people may likely fall ill more often due to various infections that arose during this season or the weather can make you feel sluggish. To be active and develop resistance against infection then it is very important to have a watch on our food and the nutrition we intake.

Black Jamun – The nutrient in Jamun can very well help during this season. It is packed with folate, iron, vitamins, and potassium. Iron and Vitamin C in Jamun can increase hemoglobin. They can also reduce gastric problems, maintains blood sugar levels, and an excellent supplement for diabetes.

Apples – The only fruit that is available throughout the year and ranks top in the list of fruits recommended for any season. It is packed with enormous nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, Vitamin C, A, B1, B2, and iron. It works well for brain development in kids. It strengthens bones, muscles, and nerves. Eat an apple every day to keep toxins away.

Litchi – For people who suffer from asthma consuming this fruit can show better results. It contains Vitamin C which prevents cold that is likely to get affected in this season. It tastes sweet and juicy. It also resolves food indigestion and acidity with its fiber content. Eat litchi to develop an immune system to fight against the diseases.

Banana – Everyone likes to eat bananas especially kids. It is an instant energy booster. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. The antioxidant property helps your child to stay away from the cold in this season. It is better to avoid eating a banana when you suffer cold.

Pomegranate – This fruit has many seeds that look like red pearls. The pearls are found to be precious similarly eating pomegranate adds great value to our health. Those, you look anemic can eat more pomegranate to boost their blood count. It is loaded with Vitamin C that peps up immunity in this season. The antioxidant property can wipe off any diseases or illnesses like cancer, blood pressure, or heart disease. It keeps the digestive system is healthy and clean.

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