• Check the time of the plate of the meal you are going to have!
  • Have your dinner at least two hours before your bedtime!

Most people would not even mind about the time while they are binge-eating. Later, they would be annoyed with their weight gain and they think it would be due to the calorie-intake and the wrong food choices. Howbeit, they totally forget to realize the time when they are going to have their food. Well, you should feel guilty if you are eating late-night dinner which is not good for your health as it has been associated with many negative effects on your body. When you eat late at night, it might lead to health issues such as increased blood sugar levels, heart diseases, obesity, and acidity. Importantly, if you are going to eat late at night, then your body would be struggling to sleep and this could have enough effects on your body the next day. Let’s check out the dangerous effects of eating late-night dinner.

INTERRUPTS YOUR MEMORY AND CONCENTRATION LEVEL: When it comes to eating late-night dinner, it would be highly harmful to your brain health. The timing of meals has a greater impact on brain physiology as well as behavior. However, unhealthy eating patterns affect the circadian system and this in turn affects the brain’s ability in learning, concentration, and memorizing as well.

PUTS ON YOUR WEIGHT: You would definitely regret later for eating late-night dinner as you would gain weight and find it difficult to reduce. When it comes to weight gain, it is not only about caloric intake or food choices but also about the timing of your meals. The calories you have late at night would be stored in your body and thus increases your weight.

FIND YOURSELF WITH EATING DISORDERS: You could have found yourself hankering for bedtime snacks every day and so you could have been into a serious issue.  If you are feeling hungry every night then you could have been dealing with Night Eating Syndrome. It could even be connected with eating disorders such as binge eating as per the studies.

ACID REFLUX: When you eat soon before your bedtime, it could be the reason for many health issues such as heart pain, acidity, pain in the middle chest, or night-time acid reflux. If your stomach is struggling to digest food while you are in bed, then the pressure of the food metabolizing could be the result of the loosening of the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES). And if you are suffering from reflux, then it is best advised to at least a two-hour gap between eating and sleeping just to avert nighttime reflux.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Several studies have exhibited that late-night dinner or having dinner past the ideal time of 7 pm would be connected to the risk of high blood pressure or hypertension and higher fasting blood sugar levels. So, you gotta be cautious of the time of the meal every time you have it.

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