Strawberries are actually the dream fruits to be tasted which most of us would love to have it in our hands when we are kids. Though it betrays you with its taste, strawberries are naturally infused with essential nutrients for your body. But still, you love to order that strawberry-flavored smoothie or milkshake or ice creams. On the other hand, you are deliberately avoiding it as a raw fruit that is healthy entirely. Since the heart-shaped fruit is loaded with vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients, it is best to be added to your diet. So, here are some of the health benefits of strawberries.

GOOD FOR HEART’S HEALTH: Several studies have exhibited that when you regularly intake the strawberries, the presence of anthocyanin in the fruit would be helpful in lowering the chance of cardiac arrest. Also, it would be helpful in averting platelet build-up and lowers the blood pressure. This is thus known to be heart-healthy food.

TREATS COLD: As strawberries are packed with vitamin C, it could be helpful in building up a healthy immune system. It would then prevent your body from sickness and also helps in speedy recovery.

ENHANCES DIGESTION: Often you are advised to have fiber-rich foods that are important for healthy digestion. Well, strawberries are also rich in fiber which helps in your bowel movement and thus stimulates healthy digestion. With the high water content, the fruit is also keep thing moving and prevents and treats constipation. So, boost your digestive health with these small fruits.

MAINTAINS BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL: Could strawberries be helpful in regulating the blood sugar? Yes, it could be helpful in maintaining the blood sugar as the fruits contain a lower glycemic index when compared to other fruits. This is why it could help regulate the blood sugar levels in your body. Meanwhile, studies also proved that consuming strawberries daily could even decrease the complications associated with diabetes.

LOWERS INFLAMMATION: While inflammation could lead to several issues in the body, chronic inflammation has been connected with serious illness including stroke, heart attacks, and even cancer. But with the help of strawberries, you could build-up the entire health of your body as it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties.

HELPS IN HEALTHY PREGNANCY: Since folate or folic acid are commonly suggested for every mom-to-be, it is found in this captivating fruit. This nutrient is essential for the development of the growth of the baby. So, ladies could have these fruits while their baby bump is growing.