Sabja Seeds/Sweet Basil seeds is a herb plant. It looks like sesame and dark. The seed takes a natural gelatinous form. It is soft and translucent to touch when soaked in water.


It gains high nutrition when soaked in water. It forms a white film around after it swells in water. In this form, it releases digestive enzymes and antioxidants. It mostly used in falooda, ice cream topping, and in summer as a beverage. It has an abundance of health benefits. The mild fragrant seed can be treated for sore throat, reduction of body heat, and white vagina. Also aids in physical exertion. Know more benefits of these seeds and rush to a nearby store to buy.

Rich in Fiber – Sabja seeds have a high degree of fiber. It can easily deal with stomach problems. The minimum consumption of this seed can equal a whole bunch of spinach and lettuce. This is the best choice for any stomach issues. The fiber in this seed can prevent heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes. It controls hunger and works to improve good cholesterol. It aids in weight loss too.

Relieves Constipation – The aged people finds it as a medicine to treat constipation problem. It works even for pregnant women. Taking a spoon of Sabja Vithai in hot milk can work wonders. This is best suggested for the constipation problem.

Cures Acidity – Soak the seeds at night and drink with hot milk/tea/coffee for the immediate result. Acidity occurs due to improper digestion or irregular food intake. Sweet Bassil Seeds can solve problems in the stomach and heartburns.

No Calories – The seed shows low in calories prevents any type of cancer, joint pains, and lower blood pressure. It can be added to the daily meals to acquire more nutrients and promoting stable metabolism.

Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids – This seed is well recognized for chronic inflammation. The element in these seeds can fight against depression and anxiety. Omega 3 fatty acids aids in fetal development and proper vision. It completely eliminates the risk factor of heart-related problems.

Reduces Body heat – During summer our body gets heated up more resulting in health issues. Sabja seeds can reduce heat considerably in your body. We look out for ways to reduce the heat. Immerse sabja seeds in water at night and drink the contents the next morning. This has worked brilliantly.

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