We always look for ways to bring flat tummy without any compromise on food. But being on diet and indulging in workouts can effectively reduce your calories. Choosing appropriate food makes your weight loss process much easier. Honey and cinnamon play a major role in reducing your weight. They both contain a lot of medicinal properties and also assist in lowering the fat contents in the belly. Honey and cinnamon make an excellent combination in your melting fat contents. Cinnamon with its Anti-parasitic and antimicrobial properties controls cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, metabolism and improves insulin function. We will see more benefits of this amazing food in this article.


Loaded with Nutrients  – Honey is loaded with numerous health benefits and its nutrients help in weight loss. It can easily reduce fat tummy when added to your dietary meal. The metabolic function is well-tuned and prepared to react with any harmful pathogens entering your body.

Builds Metabolism – Metabolic function involves proper functioning of the body’s organs, easy breathing, improve cell function, and digestion of food. Proper food intake can aid in better metabolic function. The nutrients in honey stimulate metabolic function effectively.

Contains Anti-oxidants – Honey contains enzymes and antioxidants to prevent toxins from entering your body. It improves stamina and fights serious infectious diseases. Adding honey every day to your meal is good to keep you healthy.

Treats Diabetes – Honey does not increase your glucose level in the blood. It is a safe food for diabetic victims. Regular consumption of honey can bring down cholesterol,  triglycerides, and body weight. It is noteworthy for its glycemic index value than any sugar content.


Removes Toxins – The effective nutrients found in cinnamon can handle fungi, worms parasites, and bad bacteria so easily. It cleanses your digestive tract and eases passing stools. The spice added to your regular diet can eliminate harmful substances from your body.

Controls Blood Sugar – The spice improves insulin secretion to prevent the rise in blood sugar level. It controls the accumulation of fat content and saves from any heart-related diseases. It can fasten the metabolism of glucose.

Contributes to Weight Loss – Cinnamon when added to your meal promotes body metabolic function. It satisfies your hunger and gives a full feel. The craving for food is well controlled by this spice and helps in burning your calories.

How to prepare Honey – Cinnamon water for weight loss. Follow the below instructions

  • Add 1 tsp of cinnamon in 200 ml of water
  • Allow it to boil for 5 minutes
  • Add a tsp of honey when it comes to room temperature.

This drink can be consumed between meals or before bed or in between your workouts to aid excellent weight reduction.