Indulging in a good cuddle session would help you present at the moment and makes you feel light. Moreover, it keeps you away from the bustling real world with an elated heart and mind. This happens because the intimacy you have with your loved ones would release the feel-good hormone, Oxytocin or “love hormone”.

However, cuddling is not only for the intimate relationship but playful cuddling with your family, friends, or pets would offer its benefits for you. So, here are some of the astonishing benefits of cuddling you might not know.

DEVELOPS YOUR IMMUNITY:  Even though cuddling is not good when you have been infected by the common cold, you could have a lovely embrace that would help your body combat the virus. Stress, on the other hand, would have negative impacts on the immune system. But having a cuddle would erase your stress and have a greater impact on your immune system.

ELEVATES THE MOOD: Since cuddling releases oxytocin or love hormone, it would lift your mood and makes you feel good from the inside. When your mood is great, you would automatically be happy and productive for the entire day.

INDUCES HEALTHY SNOOZE: Having a cuddle right before you snooze would be extremely helpful in lowering cortisol or stress hormones. As a result, it would make you feel relaxed and free as per the studies. Moreover, a night of better sleep or a good night’s sleep would increase your immune power and elevate your mood.

PAVES WAY FOR HEALTHY AND HAPPY RELATIONSHIP: According to the study, couples who indulge in intimate cuddles before they sleep would end up in a healthy and happy relationship. So, a healthy and happy cuddle time with your loving partner would work the best for your relationship to get deeper.

MANAGES BLOOD PRESSURE: While blood pressure is a common health issue faced by many, regardless of age, it would be better to neutralize the blood pressure. But when you feel quite awesome in someone’s arms wrapped around you, it would calm you down and manages your blood pressure. As the blood pressure is managed, your heart is protected and prevented from chronic diseases.

REMOVES PAIN: When it comes to your body pain, you would likely have a massage session. It could at least soothe your pain to some extent even if it does not take away the pain completely. The loving touch would release all the feel-happy hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. So, a loving and gentle embrace would help you out.

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