Good sleep has numerous benefits for your health. As you get older the hours of sleep reduces considerably and follow erratic sleeping hours. Your sleeping hours should be 7-8 hours that ensures good quality of sleep. There are certain activities like working in shifts, school works for children, carrying out household chores that can hinder your sleeping time. This cannot be continued in the long run as it may be the root cause of many problems. We can see the amazing health benefits of sleep in this article.

Builds Immune System – If you have fallen sick, enough sleep can recover you from illness in a faster way. The immune system functions well during your sleep to treat cold, fever, and any major wounds.

Promotes Healthy Heart – A good and undisturbed sleep can keep your heart healthy. Heart attacks and strokes occur due to high blood pressure and cholesterol. Lack of sleep may increase your blood pressure and cholesterol. Try to get good sleep by engaging in some activities that make you tired.

Heals your body – Any inflammation in your body is well treated during your sleep. The body can repair your injuries, release stress, clears skin infection, and other exposures. In sleep mode, the secretion of protein molecules helps to repair cell damage caused due to free radicals. It improves skin complexion and prevents wrinkles.

Improves Brain Functions – It makes your brain function properly. It helps in productivity, decision making, improves concentration, and enhances problem-solving skills. Improper sleep can put you under stress and creates a bad mood.

Reduces Weight – This is surprising for many people but the fact is a good amount of sleep can improve your metabolic function. When you undergo erratic sleeping hours or lack of sleep, the hormones tend to improve your appetite. This can cause obesity or weight gain. Make sure you maintain regular sleeping hours for a fit and healthy body.

Diminishes Stress – Improper sleep or disturbed sleep can be the reason for stress. This increases the production of stress hormones that can impede your sleeping hours. To eradicate stress, get into yoga or meditation to relax your mind, and have a peaceful sleep.