Cucumber is one of the most preferred vegetables in summer. It has cooling properties and a lot of nutrients. This can be eaten fresh or as salads. Eating cucumber can instantly reduce the heat in the body. It is crunchy and has a mild sweet taste.

Good for Skin – It gives an instant glow to your skin. Apply as a pack on your face with lemon juice to have clear and healthy skin. It works well on skin problems like rashes, sunburns, tan, and wrinkles. Wash your face with cucumber water to keep away blemish from your skin.

Keeps Your Eyes Cool – Slices of cucumber on eyes can keep the eyes cool and release stress. It has a high water content that keeps the skin soft and moisture. Due to its antioxidant agent, mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes can be treated well. Vitamin K that is packed in cucumber reduces dark circles.

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Reduces Weight – For those who want to lose their weight, cucumber is the best choice that can do wonders. It has high fiber content with zero fat that helps to reduce hunger pangs.

Keeps Hydrated – Cucumber is high in water content that gives natural cleansing property to the skin. Due to this, it helps the body to flush out toxins and accumulated waste from our body.

Prevents Hair Fall – There is an impact on the growth of the hair due to extremely hot temperatures. Cucumber contains silicon and sulfur that stimulates hair growth and stops hair fall. Drinking cucumber juice promotes healthy hair growth.

Rich in Nutrients – A cup of a cucumber when eaten can supply  Vitamin A, Calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin C to your body. It is low in cholesterol, sodium, and calories. They are rich in electrolytes. It is recommended to eat a cucumber to cope with the sun’s heat during summer.