To many, the day would not be complete without drinking a cup of milk tea. It might be the first thing to kick start your day. While milk tea is more satisfying for your taste buds and tummy, you might not give up on drinking it. Being the staple drink in many countries including India, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Cambodia, Milk tea is most loved by the native people. There is no wrong with sipping a cup of milk tea but overconsumption would make it a bad choice. Remember, moderation is the key to healthy eating and a healthy body. What happens when you drink excessive milk tea? Well, it does have some ill effects. Check out the following ill effects of sipping a cup of milk tea.

CAUSES DEHYDRATION: When you drink milk tea often, it would lead to dehydration. Since tea consists of caffeine, it would cause dehydration. So, go moderate.

LEADS TO CONSTIPATION: Yet another caffeine called theophylline in tea is beneficial in enhancing the motion flow and cleansing the body. It would also increase the blood flow and ease the mind and muscles. However excessive consumption of milk tea would result in constipation.

RESULTS IN BLOATING: Too much consumption of milk tea would end up in bloating. This is because of the caffeine present in milk tea. The fusion of milk and caffeine would end up in gas formation. Milk tea could affect physical and mental health as well. It might lead to anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

INCREASES BLOOD PRESSURE: The result of drinking excessive milk tea could lead to high blood pressure. But when consumed at a moderate level, it might help increase circulation, promoting heart health, improving the brain, and never function. Moreover, it would boost the immune power. So, it is essential to go moderate with milk tea as it would help you so.

WAKE UP TO THE PIMPLES: Popping of pimples on your face skin is one of the ill effects of sipping a cup of milk tea frequently. While the smaller consumption of tea would cleanse your body, the excessive intake of it might promote heat and interrupts the body’s chemicals. As a result, you would wake up with pimples. To enjoy pimple-free skin, you have to go moderate. 

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