• Wear a mask and stay protected and battle the pandemic disease!
  • Stay home and stay safe!

The fatal virus has affected in 2020 and continues in 2021 too. So, it is highly important to wear a mask and it is a mandatory thing when you are in public. Even though people and the government are doing their role in curbing the spread of the deadly virus, some people do not even know how to wear a mask perfectly or correctly. It is said that if you feel stuffy right after wearing a mask, then you are wearing it correctly as per the experts. However, the biggest mistake people would ever do is sliding off their masks under the chin when they talk in public spaces and this is completely wrong. So, here are five ways you should never wear your mask and how you should wear it.

1. Some people might wear the mask just below their nose which is not the correct way to do so. When you are in public places, just make sure to cover your nose and mouth as the disease might enter your body through these ways. So, it is important to close your nose with the mask you are wearing.

2. One of the biggest mistakes which people often make while wearing the mask. You should also ensure to cover your chin and not only your nose and mouth. You should cover until your chin only then you are free from infection.

3. Make sure if your mask is tight and not loose when you tied it. This is because a loose mask would have a chance of infecting when you are in public spaces. So, you should ensure to wear a mask that is tight and not loose and if it is loose, then change it.

4. It is completely wrong just to cover the tip of the nose which is not safe when you are in public spaces. You should cover the whole of the nose when you are wearing a mask and avoid the infection.

5. Just because you are talking, you should never push the mask down to your neck. This is because it might have the risk of getting infected.

6. KNOW THE CORRECT WAY TO WEAR A MASK: You should wear a mask all the way up and close to the bridge of the nose and down under the chin. Make sure the mask has been snug around your face without any gaps. So, you should make sure to tighten up the threads or ear loops.